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    Dumbbell Sumo Squat: Perfect for shaping your butt & inner thighs. The sumo squat works your entire lower body & engages your core, shoulders and back. A great all round exercise!

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    More from this beauty @nicole_mejia ;), hair and makeup by @cristinapilo #bootang (at OHRANGUTANG’S JUNGLE)

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    #transformationtuesday to give myself a boost in confidence and motivation ✌️ just because I am not where i want to be, doesn’t mean I’ve not achieved anything. 💗 I am a completely different person to the girl on the left, new outlook, lifestyle and fitness level. 👌 and I am so glad I am who I am today. 💜 but one day, the photo on the left will be the ‘last year’ picture and the ‘this year’ will be me ripped and lean as hell!😝 #goaldigger #absonabs

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    First time submitting here! 

    My journey started about a year ago with calorie counting, and over the past few months I’ve increased my activity level and now go running 4 times a week. I also play football and tennis at university, both of which I used to play when younger and as I discovered, I really missed them!

    SW 210 - CW 185 - GW 170

    Height: 183cm or 6ft